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ondrej Klofac
After so many years, I can see again without glasses!
Mr OK, after surgery with trifocal lenses

Mr. K wore distance vision glasses for many years. He underwent a surgery performed by Prof. Jiří Pašta who implanted him AT LISA TRIFOCAL intraocular lenses.

After the surgery, he got rid of his eye glasses and now his near vision, medium distance vision (e.g. when working on a computer) and distance vision is completely restored.

Jitka Fottova
The surgery changed my life
Mrs JF, after surgery with trifocal lenses

Mrs. JF is absolutely thrilled after the surgery in which she had trifocal intraocular lenses implanted. She now doesn't need to wear glasses, and she says that really changed her life. Mrs F works with children and the constant changing of glasses every day was very annoying to her, especially when she sometimes had to look for the glasses. 

Ladislav Zuber
I am more than thrilled with the result.
Mr LZ, after surgery with trifocal lenses

Mr. LZ underwent surgery carried out by Prof. Pašta. During the surgery he had multifocal intraocular lenses implanted. He told us:

Before the surgery I wore glasses for farsightedness and reading, without glasses my world was completely foggy. Thanks to the staff of the Eye Centre Prague, the surgery went quickly and smoothly; everyone was very helpful during the examination and the surgery itself. I am more than excited about the result; just a few days after the surgery I can read a newspaper without glasses, and I recognize people I know again when I walk down the street. I can also fully devote myself to my hobby of mountain hiking, and I don't have to look for my glasses when I want to read a fairy tale to my granddaughter."

I can definitely recommend the Eye Centre Prague to anyone who wants to improve their lives by undergoing eye surgery here.
Mrs H, after surgery with trifocal lenses

This following review was written by a satisfied patient, Mrs H, who underwent Refractive Lens Exchange surgery with us. During the surgery head physician Radan Zugar implanted a new trifocal intraocular lens, and now she can now see perfectly without glasses

What made you decide to have the surgery?

I had reading glasses, my eyesight was getting worse and I needed glasses for distance. I therefore decided to solve this problem with Refractive Lens Exchange surgery.

What were your feelings directly after the procedure?

I felt great. I had no pain and I looked forward to seeing properly again.

How did the procedure affect your day to day life?

I'm thrilled. I can read even the small print now. It's a great feeling.

How would you rate the care at the Eye Centre Prague?

I was very impressed with this clinic. The staff are absolutely excellent, pleasant and empathetic. I am very grateful to Dr Zugar for his fantastic work because it's thanks to him I can see perfectly again.

Would you recommend the Eye Centre Prague to members of your family and friends after your experience?

I would recommend the OCP clinic to anyone who wants to improve their lives by undergoing eye surgery here. I tell everyone I meet about it!

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